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My Hip Condition

Welcome to My Hip Condition... Music Lovers

I am proud to bring this collection online, but first it must be said...
Rest in glorious peace Mr. Gordon Downie
You were a rock star for our generation
And will be a shining star for generations to come
Make no doubt! All five members of the band and
ALL of their support personnel created this
beautiful thing we enjoy
It's just that Gordie was taken from us way too soon -- RIP G!


Living Room

This site features 468 Singles, 300 Videos, 336 Concerts and 17 Fan Pics

As for me I'm just a very long-time Hip fan with a cool story how I hooked on to them...

Texas born and bred but got the invite to college in Chicago. To pay for that education I bartended at a normally busy bar, but when the jukebox (1989) was out of quarters it defaulted to a CD. Well, the jukebox guy was clearly from Canada and put the default CD as 'Up to Here'. I heard that album probably 150 times before I returned to Texas and never knew the band name or album. I thought it was the best shit I ever heard. About ten months later I was playing pool in a bar in Austin where the bartender chose the music... and I said "I know that voice"!! I went over to him and he told me "That's the new Tragically Hip album (Road Apples)". Went straight to the record store... All I've listened to since.

I've seen 34 Hip shows, from the best I've seen which was in San Antonio in a tent in 1993, to the second-best I've seen in Houston in 2015... Both Fully Completly Tours. All the rest in between were awesome.

I highly recommend you check out the FanVid from Houston I videoed. I had a couple of beers with the band over the years, He sees me and gives a piece sign at the end.

I'm also enjoying Going, Going, Gone as a little known cover by Bob Dylan whitch the Hip does perfectly,

And if you have not heard it, listen to Wait So Long. An unrealeased track.

Enjoy music lovers!

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